"With each tune, Mr. Corren never shows himself, but only reveals more and more of Fagin. At the delightful finale, “Reviewing The Situation” there is only Fagin on the stage – no actor- just the Dickens character come completely to life." 

– Criticsontheaisle.org


"Mr. Corren allows us to see a man who is trying his best, to see his journey of Mr. Scott’s emotional battlefields that trigger his resolve. As he sings the hymns that make his personality shine, he makes us understand his inability to accept a world that is moving on without him."  

– TimesSquare Chronicles

The Price of Thomas Scott

"Donald Corren plays Alfred Doolittle as if he were born to the role."
– Minneapolis Public Radio

My fair lady

Goodspeed Opera House

The Guthrie Theatre


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